...to the Birkenhead History Society's website. Our passion is for the history of the Wirral Peninsula, and of the town of Birkenhead in particular. Birkenhead is often overshadowed by its neighbour, Liverpool, but has its own unique and interesting history. It was at the forerunner of the Parks Movement, and first place in Europe with street tramway, to name just a few of the little known facts.

Normally, we run a series of nine talks, from September to June, on a variety of local history topics, meeting on the third Thursday of the month. Our previous venue is no longer available so we shall be looking for a new home but when the programme recommences, details can be found on the page detailing our programme.

Interested in Family History?
If you are looking for information on your family, perhaps to trace your genealogy and build your family tree, then we recommend you contact the following organisations to see if they can help:

Wirral Archive Services - council-run, a number of key collections are held here
Wirral History and Heritage Association
or the Wallasey or Bebington Groups of the Family History Society of Cheshire

The Birkenhead History Society focuses on the civic history aspects of the town, rather than family history, and most of the documents we have relate to that subject.

Recent Site News
Once the COVID-19 crisis is at an end, details of the programme and venue will be on the website.
The site has been completely rebuilt with a mobile device responsive theme

Header Photo by Ryan Warburton on Unsplash